GHOST DOLLS of Ravensbreath Castle - handmade Ghost Dolls - 2 sizes and type, Large All Cloth and small Clay and Cloth, dolls, characters and story by M Leigh Allan.

We are the GHOST DOLLS of Ravensbreath Castle

~ and we will haunt you forever ~

Ravensbreath raven

Dearest Living Folk,
Here are three of nine of our ghost dolls. Do you like them? We make them in our image so you know what we ghost children look like. We make two sizes and types by hand, Large All cloth dolls and Small clay and cloth.

Find out more when you visit here - ghost dolls.


We ghost orphans are lost and fading away. It's tragic. We've been forgotten a very long time, more than 200 years, and as everyone knows ghosts can't last if they're forgotten. That is also why we make our ghost dolls. So that you, the Living, can collect them and be haunted by them forever.


You see, without you we would vanish altogether and no one would know we ever lived at all. It's a dreadful predicament.



5 Ghost Dolls from Ravensbreath Castle by M Leigh Allan



If you proceed to - - you can get to know more about us.

Here are our names and a path to each of our rooms. Annabel Lee, Percy, Molly, Boo, Ratgirl (Gweena Madalaine) Patch, Toby, Tinker and Baby.


Small clay and cloth Ghost Dolls of Ravensbreath by M Leigh Allan


If you discover you are pleased to know us as we are you, then we hope you'll tell your Living friends.

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Perhaps you might even give us a LIKE. We will do the same for you. That would help ever so much to slow our fading and leave us able to haunt you forever.